Why Choose Zen Windows for your next window replacement project?

A brand-new window installation in Erie Pa can bring you a ton of benefits. Better energy-efficiency, improved security, and updated aesthetic appeal are all huge perks, and Zen Windows is happy to provide! But do you know who is installing your new windows?

Our certified professionals only work with the absolute best manufacturers in the industry. Quality and dependability are immensely important to us! So when we provide a window installation, we want to choose manufacturers that have a pedigree for greatness. For this reason and more, Zen chooses Soft-Lite and you should too!

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When you're looking to replace a few of your old windows or an entire new window installation for your whole home, are you in the market for flimsy windows that are going to last a couple years at best? Of course not! You want quality, durability, beauty; everything that makes a product great.

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Zen has been providing industry-leading craftsmanship and quality for years, and they're known for innovative design and dependable products. Not only that, but Zen windows come with some excellent perks as well, including:

ENERGY STAR® rated products. Products rated by ENERGY STAR® are the leaders of the pack in energy-efficiency and top quality. To be rated, a product must meet rigorous standards, and have a recognizable impact on nationwide energy-efficiency. Zen windows and doors make the list, and that's just another reason you can trust you're getting superior quality with their products.

Design versatility. The Zen collection of windows and doors is vast, covering every style, every material, and even variability in color, size, and overall design. There's something for everyone with Zen Windows in Erie, and you're guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your window installation in Erie County, Pa.

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Excellent warranties. Window companies that offer comprehensive warranties are just much more trustworthy. A good warranty shows a company's confidence in their products, and proves to you that they totally back each and every item they manufacture. Zen Windows warranties are available across a broad spectrum of products, letting you know you're going to get a window you can trust, from an equally trustworthy company.

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A history of excellence. Soft-Lite is the number one largest supplier of windows and doors in North America. That's right, not just the United States; the entire continent! They reached the top by bringing the best, and they continue to provide top-rated window and door solutions year in and year out.

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So why are Zen windows always a great choice? They meet our criteria for quality, dependability, and unique solutions. Simple as that! Ready to learn more about a window installation in Erie for your home or business? Contact Zen Windows today to set an appointment!

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