Renew MD Health & Wellness

At RenewMD, The most important people in our medical spa are the patients we serve. We are a dedicated and passionate team of professionals here to help you reveal the new you.

How can we support your wellness today?

We at RenewMD and Dr. Simran Sethi have a very passionate goal to be the leader in ethnic skin care and health. We wants to address skin in a holistic way, by finding the root of a condition, generally a result of a hormonal imbalance, weight management issues, and possibly your lifestyle choices.

Our founder and medical director, Dr. Simran Sethi’s vision for RenewMD is to address concerns from a conscientious standpoint, and to share vital and excellent knowledge for her clients, while focusing on overturning past health concerns, and providing preventative care with long lasting results.

Renew MD Health & Wellness - What We Do

We specialize in all skin types, however, because we have noticed that most beauty industry standards do not address the esthetic (or skin) needs of people of color – we decided to create a space and products where people with specific needs have custom solutions for them.

Our team’s expertise in wellness and aesthetics will empower our clients to take the lead in their health and beauty journeys by using our innovative and personalized, results-based programs and services.


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