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Eastern and Central Europe,  Caucasus and Central Asia

Do you know who your ancestors were?

Peter Rempel 

Haifa, Israel

The strongest archivist-researcher according to the International Genealogical Center

How did they live in the country of origin? What were they doing? What did they own? What nationality did they have?

The archives contain documents about almost every person who lived in the last 300 years. We just need to find the evidence!

Since 1990, I have been working on private commissions in the archives of the former Russian Empire, the USSR and Germany.

I can find information and documents relating to the lives of your ancestors or people you are interested in, confirm or refute family legends, and reveal the secrets of the past. I take on the most difficult search tasks — finding information using incomplete and indirect source data. In most cases — with a guarantee of a positive result.

Diploma of higher education in the historical and archival field. Vast experience and highest professionalism.

Transparency at work.

I work in archives without intermediaries.

Complete confidentiality.