Remote Bot - Control your device via Telegram, Viber and SMS

Remote bot - is a powerful tool for remote control your phone on Android

Key features:

  • Forwarding notifications from different applications with the ability to respond to them.

  • Forwarding incoming SMS to Telegram / Viber. Sending SMS from Telegram / Viber. View all SMS on your phone.

  • Notifications about missed calls, low battery, etc.

  • Search for the location of the phone on the map or by loud sound.

  • Motion detector with instant photo sending to Telegram / Viber and SMS. Shake detector.

  • Player control, sound and video recording, the ability to take a photo from Telegram, view the gallery.

  • Calling tasks Tasker / Macrodroid. Sending messages from Tasker / Macrodroid to Telegram, Viber and SMS.

  • Timers, scripts, for complex tasks and automation.

It is forbidden to use the application for spying!

The app is not intended for parental control, but for personal use only.

The app shows a persistent notification, and when you run some commands, there is a sound notification to prevent hidden use.

Important information:

The bot runs on your device, data and SMS are transmitted only to the Telegram, Viber servers and are not stored anywhere else.

★ The application does not consume battery, as push notifications are used to receive new messages from the user. The push notification server is used only for sending messages from the user to the bot.

★ The Telegram bot is created automatically, for this you need to log in to Telegram by specifying your phone number and the code received via SMS or Telegram.

★ A bot can be linked to one or more users who will have access to your bot.