Foundations: Retooling + Recontextualizing

a Regional F.A.T.E. event, Columbus, GA.

April 6-7, 2018

hosted by: Columbus State University, Department of Art

Foundations: Retooling + Recontextualizing

How are institutions incorporating play, risk-taking, exploration, and community in First Year Studio and Art Appreciation courses? How are these concepts helping to shape the way students think and faculty teach?

Visit the Columbus State University’s RiverPark Campus for this one day symposium to share your experiences and favorite project/lesson plan that incorporates retooling or recontextualisation of Foundations Curriculum. Hear from colleagues as they share what is unique about their programs or classrooms. Learn what worked, what didn’t, and what they plan to do differently in the future. Gain knowledge from faculty who have moved away from a lecture-based Art Appreciation courses and have incorporated new approaches to increase student engagement.

The event has concluded.

If you interested in the presentation material, please click the "Post-Event Materials" tab.