Friends of

Dale Bumpers-
White River National Wildlife Refuge

"We simply need that wild country
available to us, even if we never
do more than drive to its edge and look in. "

About the Refuge:
Extending along both banks of the lower White River, a tributary of the Mississippi River in southeastern Arkansas, White River Refuge was established September 5, 1935. Its purpose... to protect and conserve migratory birds and other wildlife resources of the region.

Today it is the largest remaining tract of bottomland hardwood forest in the Mississippi River Valley. Encompassing 160,000 acres it is the largest National Wildlife Refuge within the state. Its fertile forests and 300 lakes, interlaced with streams, sloughs, and bayous provide a haven for a myriad of native wildlife and migratory birds.

For complete information visit the official USFWS website for White River NWR.

P.O. Box #9
St. Charles, Ar 72140

Phone: [ 479-459-5889 ]


Friends of Dale Bumpers White River NWR is a Non-profit organization.