Motivational Speaker

Motivational speaking is dynamic and valuable for many settings, including schools, organizations, and associations.  Audiences of all ages enjoy Reed's passionate storytelling and real-world professional experience.  

Our stories have power, and our time is invaluable. Every person has something useful to share with the world. 

Reed's unique story of recovery and overcoming adversity inspires people to take positive action in their lives and communities.

Professional Coach

Coaching is the act of empowering an individual or group to perform better or feel better about what they want to do.

It is the process of guiding an individual through their own life, on a quest to discover and achieve their goals.

Professional coaching provides clients individualized time together with Reed where problems are tackled, challenges are explored, and solutions are worked towards and realized. 

Coaching is a valuable tool to help combat life's challenges and creates a challenging atmosphere of growth and abundance in your life. 


Consulting services are for schools, organizations, social agencies, local governments, and businesses that want to work together to create systemic and innovative solutions to community and regional challenges.

Working with a consultant can help streamline services, eliminate barriers and increase efficiencies. 

With extensive lived experience in overcoming social barriers and a comprehensive understanding of stigma and its impact, Reed offers a unique perspective on systems, language, and processes that influence organizational results and individual outcomes.

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