About Us

Redwood Sol blends tastes of funk, reggae, and alternative rock to create a captivating sound reminiscent of 90s bangerz. Big drumbeats, fat bass-lines, colorful vocals, and eclectic guitar work. They arrive with effortless substance, style and a spirit that captures their listeners with a sense of elation, connection, and I-don't-give-a-fuck.

Writing the music usually consists of a collaborative effort. Each member a multi-instrumentalist. This allows us to sort of play "musical chairs" when it comes to coming up with songs.

Basically... We're just a group of 20-somethings with lots of caffeine fueled energy wanting to write/record/perform as much as possible.

Band Members

Vocals: Alec Pennylegion

Drums: Robby Enriquez

Bass/Guitar: Alex Rolfs

Guitar/Bass: Eddie Jimenez