Livestream is available from 8:25am - 8:45am, school days.
Please mute your mic and camera before joining the Meet.

Isaac, Liv, Sofia, Audrey, Casey, Ron, Sophie & Zack

Our crew for the 2021-22 school year has been selected and is ready to work.

Opportunities for all students exist to participate in the REC-TV studio. The online application form will be available shortly after the school year commences for students to sign up.

REC AM Show (Morning Announcements)

8:30am on school days.

Show segments include:

  • Introduction

  • National Anthem

  • Current School Announcements

  • Community Announcements (specific to students and families)

  • Special segments (guest appearances, reading challenge, special videos or promotions)

  • Birthdays

  • Closing.

We love getting classroom contributions for our Special segments.

Use the following criteria to develop your segment:

Length: 30 - 90 secs

Format: Powerpoint show, gnspes slide, MP4 video.

Fonts: Minimum of 20pt, high contrast colours (i.e White on Black), bold and shadow effects applied.

Design: Leave a 1 - 1.5 inch border around the slide (safe zone), or video frame.

Audio: Must be embedded in the slideshow / video or script provided (18pt font size).

REC-Assistants schedule is viewable by invitation only and you need your gnspes login to view the schedule. Your invitation will be sent within two school days after you register below.

2020-2021 REC-TV Crew

Aidan, Zack, Anna,

Jesse, Carter, Helen, Arianna

Not shown: Casey and Jolie