Rebecca Parfitt

The Days After - Rebecca Parfitt

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Published by: Listen Softly London

The Days After is a moving and close-to-the-bone account of heartbreak. Rebecca Parfitt lays bare the pain of breakup, in lines that are vivid, exact, and resonant. She records the trajectory of a relationship from passionate infatuation through it’s tortuous unravelling. By such close attention we see that by memorialising her experience, the author begins to move beyond it, to transform her life into the promise of what will be lived afterwards.This is a beautiful, hard-won debut by a marvellous new voice.

– Amy Wack

‘Rebecca’s poetry draws part of its power from being unashamedly personal. These poems are windows to a world removed, yet one that is still clearly present. They are incredibly visceral and honest – you will find no blackout curtains here. And, like all windows, there is always the potential to catch in them a faint reflection of ourselves. Rebecca is one of those poets who affirms the need for poetry – and proves, if evidence was needed, that it still stands firmly as a literary genre in its own right.’

- Crunch Poetry

‘Unnerving, evocative poetry about broken relationships - powerful lines which eclipse each other with their impact’

- Rachel Carney, Created to Read

‘Full of bubbling emotion held in check but ready to burst, Rebecca manages to sum up perfectly the feelings of those who have lost something, be it through love, death or absence.’

- Dagda

Rebecca Parfitt is originally from Brighton but now lives and works in Cardiff. She has been working in publishing for almost a decade, beginning her career in London before moving to Wales. She is Founder and Editor of the Ghastling – a literary magazine devoted to ghost stories, the macabre and the oh-so-strange.

She has published many poems, short stories and reviews in anthologies and magazines. Some of her work has appeared in the Boston Poetry magazine, Dream Catcher, Story Shack, Silver Apples, Dagda... read more

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May 10th - Reading from her new collection, The Days After at Ye Olde Murenger House, Newport

May 20th - Book Launch of The Days After at the Rummer Tavern, Cardiff

July 9th, 7pm - London launch

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