Beccy Lewis

rebecca dot lewis at uconn dot edu

I am a PhD student in the Linguistics department at the University of Connecticut. I completed my BA and MPhil degrees in Linguistics at The University of York and The University of Cambridge respectively, before moving to Connecticut. 

My research interests broadly include syntax, morphology and typology, especially within the nominal domain. I work predominantly on associative plural constructions (APC) cross-linguistically, and am currently developing an analysis of APCs that ties the homophony of ordinary and associative plural markers to syntactic constraints on locality and differences in (amount of) nominal structure cross-linguistically. 

I am also interested in English dialectal variation. I have worked on the well-attested British English do-ellipsis phenomenon, as well as the particularly under-researched singular us pronoun (the morphologically plural us is used with first person singular (i.e. speaker) reference). 

When I'm not thinking about linguistics, you can find me reading books or making/upcycling furniture out of wood. 

You can find my CV here (Sept '23).