Rebecca Lorraine Walker

Historical Romance Novelist

Love at Laurel Oaks (1st in Trilogy)

Elizabeth Rose Baxter knew the minute Ethan Dodson pushed her on a swing as children that she would love him forever. But in the post Civil War period in which they live, she didnt know the complications that might arise in love. With her impending departure for finishing school, and Ethans reticence to discuss the future, she begins to lose hope. Amidst the capers of the Floridians and Native Americans, Elizabeths family is constantly in the limelight. Ethan cant bear to make his intentions known with the realization that he cant offer the lifestyle his Beth Rose is accustomed to. Follow this delightful romance penned by first-time author Rebecca Lorraine Walker. Will Elizabeth find Love at Laurel Oaks?

Katherine's Heart (2nd in Trilogy)

Katherines Heart is a love story about a quiet girl who opens her heart to the charming Northern Dr. Wyatt Baldwin. But when Katherine attends a medical forum and rooms with a girl of questionable character who claims an intimate connection with Dr. Baldwin, she is appalled at the indiscrete girls allegations. As Katherine deals with her feelings of betrayal, she begins to question other suspect behaviors of the Bostonian. Why does he keep sneaking off to Tinn City, and why does Nadine Norseworthy keep having secret conferences with him? Enjoy this inspiring sequel to Love at Laurel Oaks. Have a seat alongside Rebecca Lorraine Walker in the carriage of nineteenth-century romance. Experience the twists and turns of trust and betrayal as she takes you on a journey in a historical Florida setting. You will find that only God can know Katherines Heart.

Hannah and the Preacher (3rd in Trilogy)

Returning home from finishing school, Hannah Baxter is eager to see her suitor, Isaac Eaton. But when she seeks him out, an unfortunate accident occurs. Is it only a mistake? As Hannah begins to question Isaac's sincerity, she continues to ponder her childhood dream of marrying a preacher, especially when the handsome circuit rider Wendell Cunningham makes an appearance. Rebecca Lorraine Walker beautifully portrays hope enduring the complications of love in her third novel in the Laurel Oaks Trilogy, Hannah and the Preacher. When Hannah begins to yearn for the preacher's love, the schemes of another lead Wendell to believe she is betrothed. On his lonely travels as a circuit rider, Wendell continues to be tormented by nightmares of his abusive past. He cries out to God for healing and for the heart that cannot be his. Will God bring Hannah and the Preacher together, or will deception keep them apart?

Countryside Photo by Chavdar Lungov from Pexels