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A real estate Property brokers (Agents) is a person who represents sellers or buyers of real estate or real property. While a broker may work independently, an agent usually works under a licensed broker to represent clients.

The exact definitions of and distinctions between a real estate agent and a real estate broker vary among states. Generally, however, anyone who earns a basic real estate license (which involves taking a certain number of accredited courses and passing an exam) can be called a real estate agent. A real estate agent is essentially a salesperson, qualified to help consumers buy or sell a property.

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kapasiya Iocl Refinery Township,Begusarai, Bihar

 Barauni Iocl Refinery Township,Begusarai, Bihar

Teghra,Begusarai, Bihar

Matihani,Begusarai, Bihar

Bachhwara,Begusarai, Bihar

Mansurchak,Begusarai, Bihar

Naokothi,Begusarai, Bihar

Cheriya bariyarpur,Begusarai, Bihar

Sahebpur Kamal,Begusarai, Bihar

Bakhari,Begusarai, Bihar

Birpur,Begusarai, Bihar

Dandari,Begusarai, Bihar

Garhpura,Begusarai, Bihar

Ballia,Begusarai, Bihar

Chhaurahi,Begusarai, Bihar

Khodawandpur,Begusarai, Bihar

Bhagwanpur,Begusarai, Bihar

Samho Akha Kurha,Begusarai, Bihar

Mansoorchak,Begusarai, Bihar

Khudabandpur.Begusarai, Bihar

Amarpur,Banka, Bihar

Barahat,Banka, Bihar

Belhar,Banka, Bihar

Bounsi,Banka, Bihar

Chandan,Banka, Bihar

Dhoraiya,Banka, Bihar

Fullidumar,Banka, Bihar

Katoriya,Banka, Bihar

Rajoun,Banka, Bihar

Punsia,Banka, Bihar

Shambhuganj,Banka, Bihar

Adampur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

tilkamanjhi,Bhagalpur, Bihar

sabour,Bhagalpur, Bihar

bhikhanpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

khanjarpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

nathnagar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

khalifabagh,Bhagalpur, Bihar

jogsar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

kotwali chowk,Bhagalpur, Bihar

jagdishpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

gurhatta chowk,Bhagalpur, Bihar

barari,Bhagalpur, Bihar

manali chowk,Bhagalpur, Bihar

tatarpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

burhanath,Bhagalpur, Bihar

champanagar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

sahibganj,Bhagalpur, Bihar

sikandarpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

sujaganj bazar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Kachari Chowk,Bhagalpur, Bihar 

Ishakchak,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Kharmanchak,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Mayaganj,Bhagalpur, Bihar

birnackpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Goradih,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Sarai Chowk,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Sikandarpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Mundichak,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Mirjanhat,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Shah Market,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Laheari Tola,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Bounsi Road,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Hariom Tower,Bhagalpur, Bihar

GC Banerjee Road,Bhagalpur, Bihar

M.G. Road,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Bhagwati Courtyard,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Semaria,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Sanhouli,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Sahjatpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

S S Lane,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Khutaha,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Khiribandha,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Kajraili,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Habibpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Gourachouki,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Danda Bazar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Baluachak,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Baijani,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Aliganj,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Shankarpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

sahibganj,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Ranuchakmakandpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Mirzapur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Fatehpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Amribishapur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

RBSS Road,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Ghanta ghar Chowk,Bhagalpur, Bihar

darabpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

naya bazar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

golaghat,Bhagalpur, Bihar

p & t colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Patal Babu Road,Bhagalpur, Bihar

SM College Road,Bhagalpur, Bihar

deep nagar road,Bhagalpur, Bihar

chameli chak,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Lal Kothi,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Angari,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Dixon Road,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Manik Sarkar Lane,Bhagalpur, Bihar

mahadeo singh college,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Green City Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Trimurti Chowk,Bhagalpur, Bihar

kathalbari,Bhagalpur, Bihar

islampur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

adarsh nagar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

asinchak,kushwaha market,

Sabour-deekshpuram,prem nagar,

Bhikhanpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Badi Khanjarpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Choti Khanjarpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Khanjarpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

daudchak,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Balti Karkhana Chowk,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Bahadurpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Gurunanakpura Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Nilkanth Nagar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Jai Vihar Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

kothi,Bhagalpur, Bihar

LIC Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Bihar Spun Silk Mills Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

chanakya vihar colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

jyoti vihar colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Shanti Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Jhurkhuria,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Anandgarh Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Nathnagar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

barari,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Barari Zero Mile,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Dumrama,Bhagalpur, Bihar

budhuchak,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Sonhaula,Bhagalpur, Bihar

d n singh road,Bhagalpur, Bihar

laluchak,Bhagalpur, Bihar

shastri nagar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Khiribandh,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Sultanganj,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Bishanpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Phulwaria,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Urdu Bazar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Priyadarshini Nagar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Pista Chowk,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Naugachia,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Shahjangi,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Surkhikal,Bhagalpur, Bihar

anandgarh colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Indraprastha Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Belthu,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Naraina,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Mayaganj Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Jawaripur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Unnamed Road,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Shivam Apartment,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Jhurkhuria Jai Vihar Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Dharampur Milik,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Nilkanth Nagar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Goshalla,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Koyla Ghat,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Workshop Road,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Garden Heights,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Naulakha Apartments,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Girija Mukteshwar Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Jagriti Apartment,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Satyam Appartment,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Shyama Apartment,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Mahesh Apartment,Bhagalpur, Bihar

sachidanand nagar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

New Shivpuri Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Tulasinagar Colony-bank colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Vikramshila Colony,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Nawabbag Colony, Bhagalpur, Bihar

ekant apartment,Bhagalpur, Bihar

white apartments,Bhagalpur, Bihar

dewanshi sushila enclave,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Gayatri Apartment,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Surya Apartment,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Yash Apartment,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Bhagalpur Sadar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Kahalgaon,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Goradih,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Jagdishpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Nathnagar,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Sabour,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Shahkund,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Sultanganj,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Kahalgaon,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Pirpainti,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Sanhaula,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Bihpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Gopalpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Ismailpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Kharik,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Narayanpur,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Naugachia,Bhagalpur, Bihar

Rangrachowk,Bhagalpur, Bihar

SONARAITHARI,Deoghar, Jharkhand

SARWAN,Deoghar, Jharkhand

SARATH,Deoghar, Jharkhand

PALOJORI,Deoghar, Jharkhand

MOHANPUR,Deoghar, Jharkhand

MARGOMUNDA,Deoghar, Jharkhand

MADHUPUR,Deoghar, Jharkhand

KAROWN,Deoghar, Jharkhand

DEVIPUR.Deoghar, Jharkhand

Pathargama,Godda, Jharkhand

Basantrai,Godda, Jharkhand

Mahagama,Godda, Jharkhand

Meharma,Godda, Jharkhand

Boarijor,Godda, Jharkhand

Thakurgangti,Godda, Jharkhand

Sundarpahari,Godda, Jharkhand

Poraiyahat,Godda, Jharkhand

Munger Sadar,Munger, Bihar

Jamalpur,Munger, Bihar

Bariyarpur,Munger, Bihar

Dharhara,Munger, Bihar

haveli kharagpur,Munger, Bihar

Tetiabambar,Munger, Bihar

Tarapur,Munger, Bihar

Sangrampur,Munger, Bihar

Asarganj,Munger, Bihar