P.O. Box 212 Reading MA 01867


Reading Rifle and Revolver is located off of Haverhill Street in Reading, MA. We are the only club in MA that has a 600 yard rifle range. Reading Rifle and Revolver offers a full schedule of matches and activities that interest all types of shooters.


Good Luck to ALL traveling to the National Matches at Camp Perry


Mass State Mid-Range Championship

Date Change

The Championship is now going to be held on 9.1.2018 and 9.2.2018

The match bulletin has been changed to reflect the date change


Section 129C: Application of Sec. 129B; ownership or possession of

firearms or ammunition; transfers; report to commissioner; exemptions;

exhibiting license to carry, etc. on demand


High-Power Qualification Protocol


Rules For the 200 to 600 Yard Lines


MIL to MOA Chart


CMP 2018 Competition Rules Released

Civilian Marksmanship Program