P.O. Box 212 Reading MA 01867


Reading Rifle and Revolver is located off of Haverhill Street in Reading, MA. We are the only club in MA that has a 600 yard rifle range. Reading Rifle and Revolver offers a full schedule of matches and activities that interest all types of shooters.


Reminder 100yd Prone Matchs start this week on Thursdays from 6 to 8pm


High Power Range Qualitfications

June 10, September 15 2018

Approx time will be 1:30pm, we will start

within 30 min of the match ending.

(This is for the general membership who would like to be qualified to use this range.

High-Power Competitors do not need to be re-qualified.)


High-Power Qualification Protocol


Rules For the 200 to 600 Yard Lines


MIL to MOA Chart


CMP 2018 Competition Rules Released

Civilian Marksmanship Program