The Book of Acts Bible Study

A Complete Bible Study In The Book Of Acts by Ray. Ray is the author of eight books, including a teen novel, three on the family, and a complete commentary on the book of Ephesians. Many thousands have been healed in his healing meetings. More than 11,000 divorces have been canceled and more than fifty thousand people have come to Christ in his live seminars. He has traveled to 25 foreign countries for ministry, several of them many times, most recently in late 2012 when his wife and he spent a whole month in Wales.

At 76, Ray is far from done. For the past year he's been teaching more than 150 Christian leaders in Pakistan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, England, Wales and America to name only a few of the countries he now reaches several times a week with half-hour Bible training videos from his computer to theirs. For nearly a year, he's been centered on the book of Acts. The response to these videos has been astounding. Ray is in constant touch with many whom he teaches and he's been given the nickname "Papa." Many of those receiving Ray's teachings are translating them into course studies they use in church classes or out in the villages. Some even use his videos to take the place of a pastor on Sunday mornings at their church.