Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Final Year Club CLass of 1988

It was the summer of '88 - 1988 for those not yet born, when we were released on the unsuspecting pet and farm owning public. September for some of us. How much we all thought we knew, how much we didn't.

The years have passed (I write this in 2021), and I still know nothing. The corporates have risen, mixed practice is a dying art, and new graduates appear every year, younger and younger, who all, without a shred of doubt, know more than me, and yet still think I know everything.

This is our class' little corner of the web, come here to remember, to smile, think of all the years that have passed. Enjoy some of the photos that I've managed to scrape together, and Kenny's Tam 'o' Shanter from 2013.

If you have any photos of the other years please email them to me at

There was no reunion in 2018 (or I wasn't invited!), 2023 would be the next one - who knows, it might happen.