Materials Ontologies

RDA Task Group

The purpose of this site is to record the work of the Task Group on Materials Ontologies, part of the RDA/CODATA Materials Data, Infrastructure & Interoperability Interest Group.

The Task Group and its objectives have been discussed at the RDA plenary in Philadelphia on 4 April 2019. The objectives found wide support. The importance of metadata schema to complement ontologies was pointed out.

It was hence agreed to form the Task Group. Leadership will initially be provided by

  1. Gerhard Goldbeck, GCL (UK)
  2. John Henry Scott, NIST (US)
  3. Clare Paul, AFRL (US)

If you are interested in joining this task group please contact Gerhard Goldbeck

Materials Ontologies Task Group Preparation

Minutes of call to prepare the session at the RDA plenary in Philadelphia

RDA Materials Ontologies Task Group Objectives

Proposed objectives of the Task Group

RDA Materials Ontologies Intro

Background slides for RDA Plenary session.

TG Call, 25 May 2019

Minutes of TG Call, 25 May 2019