Baseball Academy

The Academy provides the training, competition, resources, and environment to take your game as far as possible.

Fall 2022

A progressive 8-week program under the umbrella of Major League Baseball, players will practice and play 3 days a week with top players from around Austin.

The Player Development Academy includes:

  • High-level workouts with qualified instructors and daily competition

  • 2 top local tournaments and 3 weekend doubleheaders

  • 2 Academy Service Days

  • College Academic & Recruiting Advisory Night featuring current and former college coaches

  • An offseason training plan to carry you from the end of the program to the first day of spring practice

  • RBI Austin swag

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Where Do You Want to Go?

If you put in the work, our coaches will help you accurately assess your options and find a place to land at the next level. Since 2018, RBI Austin's Academy and Regional Teams have helped 15 players land on the college baseball team of their choice, including:

  • 6 NCAA Division 1 commits

  • 5 NCAA Division 2 commits

  • 2 NCAA Division 3 commits

  • 3 Junior College commits

  • 3 NAIA commits

*Some alumni have attended multiple colleges.

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"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives."

Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Famer

Who Do You Want to Be?

We'll help you get where you want to go, but at some point, every athlete hangs up the uniform. No matter what you accomplish between the lines, the things you learn on the field – how to practice, compete, and be a strong teammate – are a waste of time if they don't prepare you to be a better husband, father, employee, and citizen.

Players can't afford to wait until they're done playing to figure out who they are and what they're about off the ballfield. With that in mind, we use baseball to teach players how to grow consistent character, whole hearts, and thriving relationships.

Read more about how the Player Development Academy prepares players to live a life of purpose.

RBI Austin is a faith-based chapter of Major League Baseball's RBI program, an international network of affiliates providing competitive, cost-effective, community-driven baseball and softball programming that prepares players for life beyond the diamond.

Don't let the low cost or higher purpose fool you — RBI kids can play ball.

Ed Howard, 2020 1st-round draft pick and Chicago White Sox RBI alum

Originally standing for Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities, RBI intends to make playing opportunities more accessible to minorities and lower/middle-income communities.

  • Our programs will always be designed for players and families, leaving you satisfied with the experience, the results, and the price tag.

  • We also provide options for players to fundraise their registration costs, so that no player is held back by finances.