Ray Salemi (aka Ray Daniel)

Author AND Engineer == Author OR Engineer

Ray Salemi is the author of books on a wide variety of topics ranging from the Universal Verification Methodology to team management to robot haiku. He is Verification Solutions Manager with Siemens.

Writing as Ray Daniel, Ray is the author of The Tucker Mysteries published by Midnight Ink. These are first-person, wise-cracking, Boston-based mysteries featuring a hacker and amateur sleuth named Tucker.

The Tucker Mysteries

First-Person,Wise-Cracking, Boston-Based Mysteries

Writing as Ray Daniel, Ray is the author of The Tucker Mysteries: first-person, wise-cracking Boston-based mysteries:

Terminated, Corrupted Memory, Child Not Found, and Hacked


Learn RTL Verification

Ray has written two popular books about RTL verification:

FPGA Simulation teaches the reader the basics of RTL verification

The UVM Primer is an introduction to the Universal Verification Methodology

Python for RTL Verification: A complete course in Python, cocotb, and pyuvm teaches any engineer to use Python for RTL verification, regardless of language background. Learn the Python you need for RTL verification, then apply it to the cocotb package and finally to pyuvm, the Python implementation of UVM.


Frontline Engineering Management

Ray condenses his ten years of engineering management into Leading After a Layoff, a book that delivers a step-by-step guide to bringing a team back from a layoff.


Robot Haiku? Really?

Some poetic fun

A book name Robot Haiku

It is what you think