Case study documents


As part of this research, we performed a case study to see which types of discourse are used during discussions of system requirements, and how these discourse types can be captured as argument schemes and critical questions. We manually coded transcripts of such discussions using a list of argument schemes and critical questions based on GRL and PRAS.

Below we provide the original transcripts, our annotations, and experimental models we developed from them. For more details on our methodology, please see the article [in submission].

Original transcripts

The transcripts below are the original codings of the discussions about the information system. They have not been annotated by us.

annotated transcripts

The transcripts below contain our annotations, which consists of identifying argument schemes and critical questions in the original transcripts.

annotation analysis

The documents below contains our analysis of the annotated transcripts above. They do not reflect the final results of the framework as presented in the paper, but they may provide some insight into our thought process.