Journal Publications


  • An Analysis of Fiscal Scenarios in the Indian Economy for 2020-21 (with Ila Patnaik), Indian Public Policy Review: A Journal of Economics, Politics and Strategy (IPPR), 2020.

Open Economy Macroeconomics

  • Alternate Instruments to Manage the Capital Flow Conundrum: A Study of Selected Asian Economies (with Abhijit Sen Gupta), Pacific Economic Review, 2019.

  • Capital Account Management in India, (with Abhijit Sen Gupta), Economic and Political Weekly, March 2016.

  • U.S. Investment in Global Bonds: As the Fed Pushes, Some EMEs Pull (with John Burger, Frank Warnock, and Veronica Warnock), Economic Policy, October 2015.

  • Impact of Exchange Rate Movements on Exports: An Analysis of Indian Manufacturing Firms (with Yin-Wong Cheung), Journal of International Money and Finance, December 2013.

  • The Financial Trilemma in China and a Comparative Analysis with India (with Joshua Aizenman), Pacific Economic Review, May 2013.

  • India’s Trilemma: Financial Liberalisation, Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy (with Nirvikar Singh and Michael Hutchison), The World Economy, January 2012.

  • Global Imbalances: Is Germany the new China? A Skeptical View (with Joshua Aizenman), Open Economies Review, July 2011.

  • Accumulation of Reserves and Keeping Up with the Joneses: The Case of LATAM Economies (with Yin Wong Cheung), International Review of Economics and Finance, January 2011.

Monetary Policy

  • Regime shifts in Indian Monetary Policy and Tenures of RBI Governors(with Utso Pal Mustafi), Economic and Political Weekly, March 2020.

  • Is India ready for inflation targeting (with Abhijit Sen Gupta), Global Economy Journal, September 2016.

  • Dove or Hawk? Characterising Monetary Regime Switches During Financial Liberalisation in India (with Nirvikar Singh and Michael Hutchison), Emerging Markets Review, September 2013.

  • Estimating a Monetary Policy Rule for India (with Nirvikar Singh and Michael Hutchison), Economic and Political Weekly, September 2010.

Banking and Bankruptcy

  • Non-performing assets in Indian Banks: This time it is different? (with Harsh Vardhan), Economic and Political Weekly, March 2017.

  • Corporate Insolvency Resolution in India: Lessons from a cross-country comparison (with Anjali Sharma), Economic and Political Weekly, April 2016.

National Accounts Statistics

  • An analysis of revisions in India GDP data (with Amey Sapre), World Economics, December 2017.