Raphaël FÈVRE

History of Economic Thought & Philosophy

Research interest

My main research interests are in 20th century economic thought, especially in the interwar period. I am currently visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge (Department of Politics and International Studies).

From 2012 to 2017, I was a research and teaching assistant at the Walras-Pareto Centre of the University of Lausanne. There I completed my PhD in economics, mention history of economic thought and philosophy, in co-supervision with the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (2017).

My doctoral dissertation retraces the intellectual history of German ordoliberalism. It focuses in particular on the epistemological and philosophical foundations of economic theory and policy recommendations, and showed that “power” was a key component in understanding the ordoliberal political economy as a whole.

I am particularly interested in understanding how the dual trend of fascination and repulsion vis-à-vis the rise of authoritarian European regimes contributed to shape some of the central intellectual debates of that time.

Recently, I broadened my research to include France in two different ways. First by focusing on Georges Bataille's economic imagination. Second in the framework of a team project dedicated to the Economic Discipline and Expertise under Vichy (EDEV).

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Updated | July 2019