What do you ‘love to do?’

Have you ever thought about shaking life up and turning it around?

‘I don’t know who I am anymore, I’m lost, why is everyone else getting it right?’

Not knowing who we are and feeling a lack of support is symptomatic of life today and so is feeling misunderstood.

It seems that modern-day life is aimed at satisfying systems and systematic behaviour first and foremost

Satisfying human need is now secondary.

Life runs at such a fast pace, there’s a constant stream of digital information, we are disengaged largely and most people are very distracted. Our attention spans are poor and stress is the result.

“Random Dialogues is a modern-day self-help movement to encourage people to find and share their voice. And it’s fun too” Ian Moncrieff MacMillan

"The perfect think-tank environment to incubate ideas and bring them to life with candid feedback on the execution and delivery" Paul Lange

"I can honestly say that Random Dialogues exposes me to much wider subjects for my brain that I'm not engaged in in any other part of my life. It's a big expansion for me!" Sue Sanderman

"Bringing together a melting pot of alternative approaches to life and trying to mould things that will be useful to others for a very long time" Edward Hoare

"Jane Tyson. You are a wonder-woman and you make me so happy for giving me the opportunity to share my story with anyone out there! With a loving bow." Julia Hayden

“Jane leads random dialogues with a rare combination of welcoming, open, inclusive calmness, that immediately puts everyone at ease. It’s very ‘real’, it’s authentic, and in my experience, quite unique!” Niall Jones


Random Dialogues was founded in 2016 by Arthur Partridge (RIP) and Jane Tyson, who knew how easy it was to get into these ‘states’ and shake it up and turn it around.

On 15th July 2017 we wrote

Random Dialogues is a ‘soft network’ that gives participants a voice and an opportunity to connect and collaborate with others about their passions. It provides support to match its community’s needs.

Our programmes centre around 4 core principles –

  • Possibility

  • Play

  • Purpose

  • Peace

A real alternative to other support groups and networks

Connecting powerful tools for self-organisation, passion, strength, choice and engagement to the group

We address subjects like public speaking and confidence, and we run "How I ..." events for members to share with othershow they do things.

We provide a learning platform

Our events take the form of talks and workshops. We offer opportunities to explore possibilities, as well as providing coaching and mentoring by qualified coaches.

”It began because
we encountered entrepreneurs who could tell us what they did using labels and titles but not what they could do for their clients.

John DeMartini, self-development master and former Chiropractor used to say that he

“Aligns the Minds and Spines with the Divine”.

He called it his elevator speech.

What is your elevator speech?

I think intrigue must be the number one thing that you offer. Beg a question and get rapport.

Jane has ‘#FrustrationExpert’ – it raises a smile and begs more enquiry, and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

AyPee has been a ‘Social Tart’ since 2009. It gets him into conversation, with quick rapport and the opportunity for the Social Media business that he shares with Jason Jackman, Launchpad Social Media and his coaching and mentoring business, AyPeeCo Ltd

Speaking up for yourself is key to getting out there.

We ran a very successful event in March 2017 where 9 of us spoke about what we do.

It was great, and people had breakthroughs in public speaking.

We would like to invite to take the opportunity to speak at our next Stand UP & Speak For Yourself event.

It is in-house, for and to the members only, offers great feedback, support from the members and coaching also if you want it.

Tell us now that you would like this opportunity and we will organise it

We are also finding groups too, where you can go speak what you offer the world.

‘Random Dialogues’ is as it says Random and a Dialogue between its members

A Space for Something & Nothing

Arthur Partridge passed away on the 21st December 2017. Dear friend, rest in Peace.


December 2019 a conversation with Professor Rama Dasaratha:

“Jane, what do you hope to achieve with Random Dialogues?”

To encourage more playfulness and work with people to realise their potential and purpose

What have you achieved so far?

Continuing to connect with people who like the idea of Random Dialogues, not everyone understands it, the right people do.

What do you see as your next steps?

To curate my collaborations

To continue to put on a monthly Stand Up And Speak For Yourself Event

My dream would be to expand it across the UK and globally, Arthur used to encourage me to imagine and dream ‘stop being all logical he’d say’

Why did you decide to do Random Dialogues

To see where it would lead to. We were curious always curious.

'Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures'


I also publish Random Dialogues with individuals on Youtube to capture their stories, because everyone has a story. What’s Yours?