If you are interested on Computational and Theoretical fluid dynamics, and have expertise or interest in learning numerical methods and high performance computations, please contact me with following details:

Phd positions

If you are interested in doing a PhD in our group, you need to apply to the mechanical engineering program at IIT Kharagpur. In general, we admit students twice a year through a process that has a screening round, followed by interviews. I do not have any TA-Project positions at this time. However, if you have a TA position or have your own funding, please contact me for details of PhD problems that are of current interest to our group.

  • Please include a cover letter explaining your strengths on computational methods, your CV, and relevant examination scores and fellowships.

  • An undergraduate/Masters degree in Aerospace/Mechanical/Chemical engineering is preferred. Master students with a background in Mathematics and Physics are also considered as a co-adviser.

  • We highly encourage you to apply to our institute admissions program and to the PMRF fellowship

Post-Doctoral positions

  • Candidates with their own funding such as

SERB N-PDF https://serbonline.in/SERB/npdf

SERB-State University Research Excellence (SURE) https://serbonline.in/SERB/Sure

SERB - POWER (Promoting Opportunities For Women in Exploratory Research) https://serbonline.in/SERB/ovdf

CSIR-RA, UGC Post-doc, Women-Scientist Award and other fellowships are welcome to collaborate and work with us.

  • Please also look at IIT Kharagpur post-doctoral positions http://www.iitkgp.ac.in/academics-post-doc-fellowships

Undergraduate projects and internships

  • If you are an undergraduate student from IITs and NITs, and interested on computational research to carryout your Bachelor projects and internships, then please send me a cover letter indicating your strengths. A minimum of two year commitment is required on the project. No short term (one or two months) projects.

  • Internship applications from students who have applied/been selected in the Summer Research Fellowship Program (SRFP) offered by the three National Science Academies of India are welcome