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About Me

I have spent most of my adult life analyzing the technical world.  I have peered into computer screens looking at patterns within the data I am analyzing.  My art is the analysis of the world around me.  The view of the landscape in front of me.   The patterns that occur naturally all around us.  I like to take pictures that are shared with me and recreate them all while imagining being inside the picture.  It transports me to another place.  I paint water thinking of the salt air and pure power of each wave.  I paint mountains thinking of their majestic beauty that has taken millions of years to create.  I paint trees thinking of the cycle of life that they represent as they are reborn, grow, shed, and rest through each season.    It's what frees me from the technology that has taken over our world.

My paintings represent my exploration of the world around us and my travel through those images that have been captured by others.  It is what I see and hopefully is something that allows you to travel with me.

Raissa Urdiales

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Email: raissaartist@gmail.com