The Rutgers University Rainbow Alumni League represents and promotes the interests and liberation of the LGBTQIA+ alumni of the university, and all alumni within the diverse spectrum of gender and sexuality.

Our Goals Include:

1. Honoring the legacy and history of LGBTQIA+ advocacy at Rutgers

2. Promoting a diverse, inclusive, and affirmative environment within the university

3. Maintaining an active and engaged alumni community that contributes to the greater good of the university through service, philanthropy, and advocacy

4. Fostering and sustaining a sense of community among LGBTQIA+ alumni and the larger alumni community, serving as a bridge between current and future alumni

5. Supporting, mentoring, and advocating for the LGBTQIA+ students of the university

6. Building partnerships through collaboration with the Rutgers Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities - New Brunswick, the Intercultural Resource Center - Newark, Points of contacts at Camden, RBHS, and all Rutgers organizations that can help advance our goals.

A Message From The Executive Board - June, 2020

To Our LGBTQIA+ Rutgers Alumni Family,

Words cannot begin to describe the feelings that we currently are experiencing. The last few weeks have yet again shown the horrific injustices that face marginalized communities throughout our nation, especially Black communities. The recent death of Mr. George Floyd has brought these issues back into the national spotlight, but these injustices are those that members of our Black LGBTQIA+ community face all too often as well. We also want to take time to remember Tony McDade and Nina Pop, two trans people of color whose lives were ended far too early through state sanctioned violence.

For those in our Black LGBTQIA+ community, we mourn together and offer our support.

To the allies of Black LGBTQIA+ people in our community, we encourage you to listen. To listen instead of taking up space, space that should be centered on our Black LGBTQIA+ community. To listen for and provide what our Black LGBTQIA+ family is asking of you. To listen for and provide what our Black LGBTQIA+ family says is needed. And to act in honest solidarity with our Black LGBTQIA+ family by following the lead of our Black LGBTQIA+ family at demonstrations and protests

This year we ask that you use the month of June to actively participate in making the Black LGBTQIA+ community safer, stronger, and seen, and to commit to continuing your engagement on behalf of Black LGBTQIA+ and all QTPOC people all year long.

Over the next month:

  • We will highlight Black led LGBTQIA+ organizations; organizations that are working towards safe housing, food-security, and community building for the Black LGBTQIA+ community.
  • We will showcase petitions, action items, and resources to get involved.
  • We will provide resources for allies. It is up to you to do the work and educate yourself rather than placing that burden on our Black LGBTQIA+ family, especially where they are already dealing with so much.
  • We will highlight Black creatives, Black stories, and Black work. Use your time and money to engage with and support Black voices, Black stories, and Black work.

We start this process by asking you to take a look at the following link:, and then encourage you to check back throughout the month as we post additional resources.

We hope to be a place where all members of our community members can feel safe, feel heard, and feel embraced. As we move through June and beyond, we commit to creating a space where you can enter and feel supported as your whole-self. We will continue working to eradicate anti-black racism, both within and outside of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In Community,

The Rutgers University Rainbow Alumni League Executive Board

Campus working groups organize opportunities to get involved on the specific Rutgers campus of your choice (New Brunswick, Newark, Camden, RBHS)