Among the Kindle bestsellers in 3 categories (steampunk, cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic) for almost a year now, The Empire of Ashes is a novel exploring themes like the ecological catastrophe, transhumanism as well as technological and scientific advancement.


In ancient times, humankind ruled the Earth and dreamed of the stars. But those days are now over. Civilization as we know it no longer exists. Forever swept away by a mysterious disaster, it is now in agony; oscillating between a broken past and a hopeless future.

Erol, archaeologist and adventurer of the 3rd millennium, travels in secrecy through the underground ruins of the Old World. Braving the evil Inquisition and its obscurantism, he makes one day a remarkable discovery. In a glass sarcophagus, deep in the dangerous labyrinths, lies a young woman and last witness of the cataclysm.

Looking for answers, Erol will cause events that have been pending for a thousand years and release forces that should have remained buried forever.