Rafael Wagner

Welcome! I will report here some of my ongoing work, presentations, my notes and maybe other content (check out my publications here or here!!). Research is a collaborative effort, a social engagement that actively transforms ourselves and our society. The moving force for writing and teaching science is best described by Paulo Freire:

"Não há ensino sem pesquisa e pesquisa sem ensino [...] Enquanto ensino continuo buscando, reprocurando. Ensino porque busco, porque indaguei, porque indago e me indago. Pesquiso para constatar, constatando, intervenho, intervindo educo e me educo. Pesquiso para conhecer o que ainda não conheço e comunicar ou anunciar a novidade. " (Paulo Freire, Pedagogia da Autonomia, 1997)

"There can be no research without teaching [...] As I keep teaching I am always searching, re-thinking. I teach because I search, because I have questioned myself and questioned others. I research to verify; in verifying I intervene, while intervening I teach others and myself. I research to discover what I did not knew, and to communicate or announce, the novelty." (A poor translation of my own)

Neste local pretendo reportar e discutir meus trabalhos recentes, minha participação em congressos, discutir resultados recentes da literatura (na forma de Journal Club), entre outros. A maior parte do que for produzido por aqui será em inglês. 


I am currently a PhD candidate finishing my second year in the doctoral program called MAP-fis between the Universities of Aveiro, Minho and Porto together with the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (the place I go everyday!)  My research group is called Quantum and Linear-Optical Computation (QLOC). @QLOC_INL, and my supervisors are Ernesto Galvão, Rui Soares Barbosa and Mikhail Vasilevskiy. My main research attempts at studying non-classical aspects of quantum theory in order to prove formally quantum advantage results in computation and information processing. Check out here our latest academic production!


I am at the very beginning of my academic journey.  Have a lot to learn and I am extremely enthusiastic about scientific research in all ways: collaborating, discussing, reviewing, writing and learning! 

I dream to follow the academic path, to become a good post-doc, teacher and researcher. Mostly because I see the profound social responsibility of what it means to be a scientist, and also because I honestly think it is among the best things anyone can do. 


It is possible to find some of my early notes (here -> aqui), from when I was an undergrad student. I also hope to put here some of my most recent notes about research topics of my current interest. 

If I ever become the TA of a class, here is where I'll put my notes as well.

Quantum Foundations - ifusp

Between 2020-2021 I was a Master student at the group of quantum foundations from the Univerity of São Paulo lead by Barbara Amaral