Welcome to the Radiomics Laboratory at USC

The Radiomics Lab is a research group in the Radiology Department at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Our multidisciplinary team of radiologists, engineers, researchers, programmers and statisticians are committed to developing image analysis tools, cutting-edge clinical workflows and aiding cost-effective and personalized precision medicine.

With the ever growing capabilities of imaging tumors using various sensor technologies at multiple scales (macro-meso- and micro-scopic) and dimensions (static, 2D, 3D, dynamic etc.), along with technological advances in data extraction and storage, we have been able to extract and analyze a large amount of information relating to tumor behavior and tumor microenvironment than previously possible.

We focus on developing robust computational methods of extracting quantifiable features from medical images encompassing a wide range of imaging modalities and diseases and using it to develop clinical decision support tools to aid diagnosticians to make more informed decisions about the diagnosis as well as prognosis.

Here are some highlights from our more recent work:

Some recent publications