Radical Tackle Team Tournament Trail

Lake Lanier 2021: Regular Season Finale

The regular season has finally come to a close with the end our tournament at Lanier. With 31 teams, it was a fitting end to the trail season as for the most part those toward the top of the standings continued to battle it out for Team-of-the-Year supremacy while also separating themselves from the rest of the pack. In the end, barring some midnight points coming in, Veal/Ridgeway took home not only first place for Lanier, but also Team-of-the-Year honors for the second year in a row. That is an accomplishment worth noting on its own, but even more so considering that in the eight year history of this trail, no team has ever pulled off back to back points wins, so a Yuge congratulations to those guys, they have earned it. And before any of the other teams ask, no, there will not be any recounts or points audits.

2021 Lake Lanier Results

  1. Veal/Ridgeway 12.98

  2. Bearden/Matthews 11.95

  3. Moon/Crowe 11.24

  4. Bearden/Stone 11.09

Big Fish: Wiley/Maxwell 4.50

Classic 2021

The 2021 Radical Tackle Classic this year will be held on Lake Guntersville, hosted by the Lodge at Lake Guntersville State Park. A perfect ending to an extraordinary season, Guntersville is a legendary lake that we have talked up and visited quite often during or trail's lifetime, and thus needs no introduction. The change in ramp location from our event earlier in the year will provide anglers better access to the lower end of the lake and hopefully present the classic field with both opportunities and challenges befitting a championship tournament. To see all the teams that are eligible and the details about the classic this year, please visit our Classic Field page found on the header.

Again, thanks to the Lodge at Lake Guntersville State Park for hosting the classic this year and for those of you that have never stayed there, you can take it from me, you have been missing out. It has one of the most beautiful views you will find anywhere, as well as plenty of parking for both truck and boat. Its proximity to the water is great for not only tournament weekends, but any fishing trips you might take, as it allows you to sleep in just that little bit longer before hitting the lake while also being fairly close to the city of Guntersville in case you need to go into town for any reason. An A+ location for both our event and any reason you might have to just get away from home for a time.