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West Point: What Happened to this Lake?

West Point used to be one of if not the best lake in the country for catching monster bass and a lot of them. Atlanta cleaned up its mess for the most part and the lake aged and thus started to silt in, which explains how it went down from being one of the best to being just another solid fishery, but how did it fall so far down the list that many call it one of the worst now? Some blame the rise of the spotted bass, which is a major issue while others blame the DNR overstocking stripers, trying to turn West Point into Lanier West, when the lake does not have the geography to support it, which is another solid possibility. These two issues combined, along with I am sure other, less discussed issues have caused the downfall of West Point and, unfortunately, I do not see a revival coming any time soon.

2021 Weiss Results

  1. Swafford/Odom 12.62

  2. Medas/McDuffie 12.61

  3. McGinnis/Parsons 10.44

  4. Clark/Clark 9.62

Big Fish: Swafford/Odom 7.06