A post-apocalyptic comedy audio drama by Saster&Saster Productions

When the last people on earth discover they may not be the last people after all, a quest ensues to try and save the human race. The only problem? They have to journey through... The Wild.

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What is audio drama?

It's TV for your ears. Remember back when people used to rely on the radio for entertainment? And there were these fascinating things called radio plays? Yeah, just like that. Except for the internet age, because who has radios anymore?

What's the best way to listen?

Start at the beginning! Radiation World is a serialized story, so it's very important that you start from Season 1, Episode 1, and work your way forward from there. Otherwise you will have no idea what's going on, which would be a shame. You can find Radiation World on any podcast player of your choice. 

Are there new episodes still coming out?

Currently, Radiation World is not an active show. However the Sasters are always throwing around the idea of producing a Season 3, so it may happen yet. If you'd like a Season 3, let us know!


About Us

Saster&Saster Productions, LLC is a two-sister team from New Mexico. Harirai is a writer of fiction in all formats currently living in Santa Fe, and Sahib Simran is a theatrical sound designer in Portland, OR.


We may not be making new episodes at the moment, but we'd still love to hear from you. What's your favorite part of the show? What are you hoping for in the future? What do you think is the best pizza topping? Drop us a line!



Thanks for listening!