Week 38 - 2017: What can I do today to let the people I love know I love them? - Consider spending time with them. - Send a simple note. - Send a message. - Verbalize.

Week 37 - 2017: Honesty (the quality of being honest) - Is my level of honesty conditional on my circumstances?

Week 36 - 2017: Do I truly take time to enjoy my blessings?

Week 35 - 2017: What would I choose less of in my life today?

Week 34 - 2017: What are my time wasters in life... and how can I eliminate them?

Week 33 - 2017: Am I truly kind to others? What are some real ways to show kindness?

Week 32 - 2017: To follow my heart, what ONE thing will I do more of today?

Week 31 - 2017: What activities am I involved in when I am experiencing true joy in my life? How can I do more of that?

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