Jonathan "Quest" Simon | Artist

Roselle Park, NJ, USA

Jonathan Simon, known as “Quest” explores the darker side of pop art to create his thought-provoking pieces. Quest reinvents iconic images with themes based on his perspective of common and personal issues.

This first generation Portuguese-American artist has always been the creative type, winning awards for his work as early as High School. It was in 2017 when he decided to pursue his passion and become a full time artist. Since then, the self-taught artist has compulsively studied new techniques and styles, produced dozens of works, and has even displayed internationally. As a result of the lockdowns in response to Covid-19 and the general social distancing guidelines, 2020 has been the most productive year yet, producing the most impressive of his works to date.

His earlier works consist of acrylic paintings and since has expanded to include oil paintings, charcoal drawings, and various forms of sculpture. Driven by the age of technology, Quest has recently been working on interactive artworks, going beyond the traditional paintings and sculptures. Working on the edge of innovation, his upcoming interactive pieces will be sure to turn heads!