15 Best Affordable Queen Bed Frames of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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To wake up fresh and enjoy the next day, you need to sleep well tonight. And although excellent sleep is not buyable from any e-commerce website, extremely comforting queen size bed frames are. Having one such queen bed frame is like securing one of the most important factors that can lead to good sleep.

Queen size bed frames are considered as an optimal option for two people who require substantial room for themselves in bed. Neither do they have surplus space like King size ones nor do they have any limitations like frames that are comparatively smaller. Most importantly, transferring them from one place to the other is not a herculean task. A little bit of effort is all that’s needed.

Also, queen bed frames are available in all sorts of appealing styles and designs. But, it’s confusing at times to figure out the best affordable queen bed frame for you. Because the designs that look extremely appealing to you are out of your budget zone and the affordable ones aren’t appealing. Well, don’t worry! We’ve prepared a list of 15 queen bed frames that not only suit your budget but also are appealing. So, without further ado, let's get started.

List of 15 best affordable queen bed frames:

There are plenty of points to consider while buying a bed frame. A lot also depends on the measurement of the room you are willing to fit in. The other point you need to ask yourself is, whether you prefer a metal or a wooden frame? Also, does it have any sort of storage capacity? Will, it fit your mattress? And so on. We’ve listed these 15 options with their pros and cons that’ll help you answer some important points regarding your preference.

1- Wooden Slat Supported Metal Bed Frame

Reinforced with a steel-wood structure, having a dimension of 76 inches * 40 inches * 16 inches, this queen bed frame has 10 wooden slats, a center support bar, and six strong legs. Two silicone pads at the end of its platforms are there to protect your legs and provide a safer and more comfortable sleep for you and your children.

  • Unique design

  • Appropriate dimensions

  • Easy to assemble

  • Comes with a 3-year warranty

  • Hosts a sturdy metal frame

  • Some users complain of facing difficulty while putting the frame together

  • The center support is too far from the edge of the beams

2- Steel Slat Supported Metal Bed Frame

Made of an ultra-durable metal structure, this steel slat-supported metal bed frame has over a foot clearance space for storing odds and ends. The frame has dimensions of 80 inches * 59.5 inches * 14 inches. Its metal foundation offers a great solution for good sleep. This queen bed frame can be easily attached to your standard-sized headboard. The specialty of this frame is that it's extremely easy to assemble in one box which makes it very convenient while traveling.

  • Practical and reliable design

  • No spring needed

  • Easy assembly

  • 5-year limited warranty included

  • Center bars are too short

3- Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

This one has a woven fabric upholstery with a sleek framework. It has a sturdy construction and elegant diamond pattern stitching. This queen bed frame has an interior steel framework and dense foam padding with comfort and longevity. The frame’s durable wood slats support as well as extends the life of your latex. Its dimensions are 84 inches * 63.4 inches * 40.7 inches.

  • Sophisticated style

  • Classic and cozy detailing

  • Long-lasting support

  • Soft yet strong

  • Easy assembly

  • Not a lot of under bed space

  • Some users complain of having received a headboard with a few stitches missing from the seam

4- Metal Platform Bed Frame with Huge Under Bed Storage

If you are looking not only for an easy to assemble, made up of durable metal platform bed frame but also for something that offers huge under bed storage, here’s one. This queen bed frame is built to offer more than just supporting your favorite mattress. It features carefully positioned slats that are relatively stronger, simpler as well as reliable. The frame’s dimensions are 79.53 inches * 59.53 inches * 13.98 inches.

  • Quick and easy assembly

  • Needs no spring

  • Has minimalistic design

  • Offers commendable under bed clearance

  • 5-year warranty

  • Slick top

  • Multiple supports in the middle make it trickier to organize longer boxes

5- Anti-Slip Supported Bed Frame

Hosting a plastic foot that protects your wooden floor from scratches, this anti-slip supported bed frame has a minimalist style. It permits you to maximize space in your small bedroom. This queen bed frame has dimensions of 81.5 inches * 61.5 inches * 14 inches. It is compatible with various mattress types and comes with all the tools that you require for the frame’s assembly.

  • Has a unique and sturdy design

  • Is easy to assemble

  • Needs no box spring

  • Offers 13.5 inches of clearance

  • Users complain how their frame arrives with scratches

  • Individual parts are not available with stickers hence making it difficult for the first-timer to assemble

6- Paul Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

Equipped with a rustic wood headboard and a sleek steel frame, the metal and wood platform bed can be used at your farmhouse as well as for your home. It is made from real wood and not from MDF or particleboard. The wooden slats from which this bed is made are spaced evenly thereby giving the bed a good amount of stability.

  • Smartly packed

  • No box Spring

  • Easy and quick assembly

  • Supportive foundation

  • Equipped with solid wood headboard

  • Center posts were slightly higher than the posts present outside

  • Some users report squeaks weeks after the setup

7- Heavy-Duty Queen Metal Bed Frame

Housing eight legs for support, the heavy-duty queen metal bed frame has steel slats support. It produces no quacking or scratching. Moreover, this queen bed frame produces no noise and can extend the life of the mattress. Assembling this frame is very simple, only the headboard of the bed needs screws. Also, the frame offers you 12 inches of space underneath which is enough for storing boxes.

  • Features high-quality frame

  • High level under bed storage

  • Exquisite design

  • Five-year warranty

  • Comes without any assembly guide

  • Bars do not fit into their places smoothly

8- Upholstered Scalloped Platform Bed Frame

This one is an upholstered classic queen bed frame with all the trapping of style. It is made using distinct detailing such as diamond-patterned upholstery, button tufting, and scalloped corners to provide a sophisticated touch. The designer has engineered it with a sturdy steel frame and wooden mattress platform that doesn’t require a box spring. Its assembly is very simple because the box in which the frame is delivered has tools, parts as well as for instructions.

  • Durable design

  • Needs no spring

  • Easy assembly

  • 5-year limited warranty

  • Made from solid wood and metal materials

  • Low on ground

  • Way too short

9- Slat Supported Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

This one is known to withstand the test of time. It’s a classic button-tufted upholstery available in numerous neutral shades that can enhance the room’s environment in which it is placed. This queen bed frame is reliable as well as supportive. It is ingeniously crafted to hold up your mattress without any box springs. Coupled with a solid steel structure, the slat-supported upholstered platform bed frame can prolong the life of your mattress.

  • Durable design

  • Needs no box spring

  • Easy to assemble

  • Provides comfort for a long duration

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

  • Has a very short headboard

10- Heavy-Duty Metal Frame Bed with Storage

This queen bed frame features a sturdy steel slat structure that does not undergo any squeak, produces no noise, and offers good sleep. It has a dimension of 82 inches * 62 inches * 14 inches. The frame offers 12-inch-high under-bed storage space and is extremely easy to assemble without the use of any kind of tools. It is made up of heavy-duty steel that provides strong support and can withstand a considerable amount of weight.

  • Heavy duty

  • Easy to assemble

  • No squeak

  • Requires no spring

  • Provides ample amount of storage space

  • Some users report of having stubbing their toes

  • Sturdier than other wooden frames

11- 9-Leg Base Metal Queen Bed Frame

Supporting a same-size box spring and mattress set, this queen bed frame features nine legs with an arrangement of three rows of three legs each. A side-to-side center bar gives the frame optimal stability and overall support. Its construction is made of durable steel material with a sleek black finish. The frame has a simple lock-together system for its easy assembly. It measures 79.5 inches * 60 inches * 7 inches.

  • Arrives in a small and lightbox

  • Hassle-free assembly

  • Supports hold up the headboard quite nicely

  • Excellent value for money

  • Not much storage space

  • Very sharp corners sticking out from the end of the bed

12- Wooden Slat Supported Wooden Platform Queen Bed Frame

This bed is made up of 100 percent solid wood. Its entire mattress support system does not need any box spring. The wooden slat-supported wooden platform bed comes in parts that are ready to assemble. The complete process of setup is mentioned in an easy-to-follow instruction sheet. Also, included in the delivery are two non-slip tapes that will ease your bedtime routine. This queen bed frame has dimensions of 59.5 inches * 79.5 inches * 12 inches.

  • No box spring required

  • Noise-free construction

  • Simple assembly

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

  • The metal crossbar and support legs are not very good

  • The screws easily bend along with the center bar

13- Upholstered Queen Bed Frame with Chic Design

Offered in numerous trendy colors, this upholstered bed with a chic design fits comfortably with your design needs. It's an ideal centerpiece for your bedroom. This queen bed frame includes a slat system helping your mattress stay fresh for a long time. Additionally, it also provides you support needed without any extra foundation in place.

  • Equipped with headboard for additional comfort and back support

  • Constructed using sturdy wood and metal frame with center legs providing more support

  • Setup doesn’t take much time

  • The bottom backboard doesn’t permit you to have a spring box with the mattress

14- Upholstered Panel Queen Bed Frame

This bed is 86.6 inches * 64.4 inches * 50 inches long, wide and high, respectively. It comes equipped with the headboard, footboard as well as rails and has a clean style with neutral upholstery. The bed is crafted using manufactured wood, plywood frame, and black faux leather upholstery. All the parts that you need for constructing it are present in its headboard.

  • Comes with a box spring

  • Need only a screwdriver for complete assembly

  • Available at an affordable price

  • Can be used with various types of mattresses

  • Some users complain how the wooden feet that go on the slat do not touch the floor

  • Slat is weak

15- Steel Slat Supported Non-Slip Platform Queen Bed Frame

The frame encloses the mattress for preventing slipping with enough bed space. It comes equipped with all kinds of hardware as well as tools needed for setup. Moreover, strong support is provided by the steel slats which prevents sagging.

  • Uncomplicated assembly

  • Unique and sturdy design

  • 5-year warranty

  • Made from high strength providing Alloy Steel

  • The support leg is not too good

The Conclusion

Compare the above-mentioned 15 best affordable queen bed frames to find out which one works best for your needs. Whether it’s the support, corner design, upholstery, frame material or storage space underneath, etc. Think from every perspective based on these criteria and you will be easily able to decide which one to choose from the recommendations above. Also, don’t forget to check out their dimensions and match them with your room’s dimensions.


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