Bathroom and toiletries


Denttabs: finally, a plastic free, recyclable packaging toothpaste WITH fluoride. Come as tablets that you chew into a powder. Buy here: anythingbutplastic, theplasticfreeshopGeorganics Toothsoap: Denttabs are non-foaming, making it more difficult to distribute around the mouth (in my opinion). This toothsoap has a foaming action to help -- I use it simultaneously with Denttabs. Buy here: Georganics, Hisbe

Dental floss

Dental lace: silk lace in a glass and stainless steel container. Refills available. Buy here: theplasticfreeshop or georganics


There are lots of brands offering biodegradable toothbrushes now (usually bamboo). I haven't found any that are fully compostable yet, i.e. the bristles are often nylon. Even the "charcoal bristles" are actually charcoal infused nylon. Buy here: anythingbutplastic, theplasticfreeshop, and at Hisbe (who sell the Humble Co.'s brushes, which have the best bristle length and shape for my mouth).

Interdental brushes

A range of sizes available with bamboo handles. Brushes are nylon. Buy here: theplasticfreeshop.

Shampoo soap bar

Travel soap: comes in a cardboard box, and fits in small glass jars for transporting (rather than plastic soap cases). Buy here: anythingbutplastic and Hisbe