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The tweets/posts below are ready to use. Just copy and paste. (note: a triple click allows you to quickly select the whole tweet.)

The media is already included in the tweet so there's no need to add it. (note: You won't see the media until you post the tweet.)

If you'd like to see the media prior to posting, the preview column link allows for that. To date there are about 70 posts and I will continue to add. If you have a post to share that meets the goal of promoting #QualityPE, please shoot it my way! bfoellmer@gmail.com

Below this spreadsheet, you will find the media separate from the pre-created posts. Feel free to use any of the media shared here to create your own posts. Make sure to include #QualityPE.

If posting to Facebook or instagram, you may need to do some editing and may need to add the media separately. Feel free to do so!!

Sources of the material included here can be found at the bottom of this page.
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