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Quabbin Quills is a Massachusetts non-profit writers group. Founded in 2017, our purpose is to unite authors in the Quabbin area to put together a high-quality anthology of our best work. Proceeds from the book will be going into future publications, local educational programs, and scholarships. We offer workshops throughout the summer as a means of improving our submissions while getting to know our fellow artists better.

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deep in the valley
walled up on all sides
sits the pool
collecting rain
deposited there
sectioned off
from the rest

this hidden oasis 
in the forest
measuring rainfall 
like hourglass sand

precious moments
locked in still waters
reflecting perfectly 
my time here
mimicking the pool

a liquid photograph
of watery film
a brief documentary

say it to the trees
leave no stone
let the pool collect
memories too

a soft whisper:
I was here

              --Quabbin Quills, 2017