Quantitative Reasoning

and the Environment

Mathematical Modeling in Context

Authors: Greg Langkamp and Joseph Hull

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Essential Numeracy

Function Modeling

Difference Equation Modeling

  • Ch 7 Introduction to Difference Equations DOCX PDF

  • Ch 8 Affine Solution Equations & Equilibrium Values DOCX PDF

  • Ch 9 Logistic Growth, Harvesting, and Chaos DOCX PDF

  • Ch 10 Systems of Difference Equations DOCX PDF

Elementary Statistics

  • Ch 11 Fundamentals of Statistics DOCX PDF

  • Ch 12 Standard Deviation DOCX PDF

  • Ch 13 Normal Distributions DOCX PDF

End Matter

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Authors: Greg Langkamp and Joseph Hull

Copyright 2007, Pearson Publishing Co.

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In Memoriam:
These electronic works are dedicated to Joseph Hull, a great educator, classroom collaborator, and friend. Joe, you are truly missed by all!