Quantum Glue Meetings

This page announces regular meetings, journal clubs, and review seminars that take place at the UPV/EHU in Leioa campus and DIPC in Donostia on any topic on QUANTUM (physics, technologies, information, computation, simulation, communication, sensing…)

Quantum researchers, postdocs, PhD, and master students are welcome to assist and participate.

We meet on regular basis every second week on Wednesday from 11:40 am to 12:40 am in the seminar room in the physics department.

There are two ways to participate:

  • Journal-club style, in which each session is led by one of the participants by presenting (slides or blackboard) a paper of her/his interest (own or others) and which may be of interest to the rest of the participants.

  • Short blackboard/slides crash course (max a couple of sessions) to introduce some technicalities about some state-of-the-art methods of interest to other participants not experts in the field.

For suggestions, please contact:

Calendar, speakers, titles:


17 Jan 2023.- S. Pascazio (Univ. Bari & INFN, Italy): "Dimensional Reduction of Field Theories"

18 Jan 2023.- D. Sokolovski (Ikerbasque & UPV/EHU, Spain): "Wigner's friend scenarios and the internal consistency of standard quantum mechanics"

25 Jan 2023.- M. Gessner (IFIC & Univ. Valencia, Spain): "Quantum-enhanced estimation of mode parameters"

22 Feb 2023.- G. Sierra (IFT & UAM, Madrid, Spain): "Tensor Networks and Conformal Field Theory"


11 Jan 2023.- E. Combarro (Univ. Oviedo, Spain): "Some applications of quantum computing in algebraic problems and high energy physics"

21 Dec 2022.- L. Jaubert (Univ. Bordeaux, France): "Seeing magnetic monopoles and a glimpse of the 4th dimension in frustrated magnets"

14 Dec 2022.- S. Morelli (BCAM & UPV/EHU, Spain): "Entanglement detection with imprecise measurements"

30 Nov 2022.- S. Vallecorsa (CERN, Switzerland): "Quantum Generative Models in High Energy Physics"

23 Nov 2022.- M. Asorey (Zaragoza Univ., Spain): "Bulk-Edge Dualities in Topological Matter"

16 Nov 2022.- S. Imai (Univ. Siegen, Germany): "Entanglement detection from randomized measurements"

09 Nov 2022.- M. Burkardt (New Mexico State Univ, U.S.A.): "Imaging nucleons"

02 Nov 2022.- M. Larocca (Los Alamos, U.S.A.): "Group-Invariant Quantum Machine Learning"

26 Oct 2022.- D. Zueco (INMA-CSIC, Spain): "Circuit Complexity through phase transitions"

19 Oct 2022.- D. Barredo (CNRS & CINN-CSIC, France & Spain): "Exploring quantum spin models with tunable arrays of Rydberg atoms"

05 Oct 2022.- C. Wilson (Waterloo Univ, Canada): "Analog Quantum Simulation of Topological Lattice Models with a Parametric Cavity"

20 Sept 2022.- F. Di Marcantonio (CERN, Switzerland): "The Role of Data in Projected Quantum Kernels: the Higgs Boson Discrimination"

14 Jun 2022.- D. Novoa (UPV/EHU & Ikerbasque, Spain): "Harnessing light with gas and glass"

07 Jun 2022.- G. Giedke (DIPC & Ikerbasque, Spain): "Looking for Qubits in Graphene Nanostructures"

31 May 2022.- J.J. Meyer, (FU Berlin, Germany): "Quantum metrology in the non-asymptotic regime"

31 May 2022.- D. Bercioux (DIPC & Ikerbasque, Spain): "Tunable geometric phase in graphene quantum dots with spin-orbit coupling"

24 May 2022.- L. Garcia-Alvarez (Chalmers, Sweden): "Quantifying qubit magic with Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill encoding"

24 May 2022.- D. Guery-Odelin (U. Toulouse, France): "Quantum State control of a Bose Einstein condensate in an optical lattice"

16 May 2022.- Viktor Chikan (Kansas State U., USA): "Triggering molecular transport via pulse magnetic fields"

12 May 2022.- C. Munuera (UPV/EHU, Spain): "High fidelity nanoscale NMR spectroscopy at large fields"

26 Apr 2022.- J.J. Blanco (UPV/EHU & Ikerbasque, Spain): "Gravitational waves from cosmic strings"

12 Apr 2022.- E.J. Cocinero (UPV/EHU, Spain): "Decoding biostructures by high-resolution spectroscopy and applications"

29 Mar 2022.- P. Massignan (UPC, Spain): "Engineering and detecting topological phases in photonic, semiconductor and ultracold systems"

15 Mar 2022.- M.G. Vergniory (DIPC, Spain & Max-Planck, Germany): "Crystalline symmetries in topological materials"

22 Feb 2022.- J. Etxezarreta (Univ. Navarra, Donostia): "Decoherence and Quantum Error Correction for Quantum Computing and Communications”

08 Feb 2022.- J.-B. Bru (BCAM, Spain): "From Short-Range to Mean-Field Models in Lattice Quantum Systems"

25 Jan 2022.- M.G. Echevarria (UPV/EHU, Spain): "What is a proton made of and why should I care?"

30 Nov 2021.- G. Sentis (UAB, Spain): "Quantum sequential hypothesis testing"

11 Nov 2021.- S. Szalay (UPV/EHU, Spain & Wigner Research C., Hungary): "Permutation invariant multipartite entanglement and correlations"

9 Nov 2021.- S. Morelli (IQOQI Vienna & University of Technology (TU) Vienna): "Activation of genuine multipartite entanglement"

14 Oct 2021.- M. Mueller (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH): "Topological Quantum Error Correction: From Theoretical Concepts to Experiments"


22 Jun 2021.- A. Moreno, I. Oregui, E. Osaba, E. Villar (Tecnalia & Ibermatica, Basque Country): "Hybrid Quant Comp-Tabu Search Algorithm for Partitioning Optimization Problems"

15 Jun 2021.- Gavin Brennen (Macquarie Univ., Sydney, Australia): "Geometric control for scalable quantum sensing"

08 Jun 2021.- Norbert Schuch (MPQ Munich, Germany): "Entanglement order parameters from Tensor Networks"

01 Jun 2021.- Diego Blas (King C. London, UK): "Exploring light dark matter with atomic clocks and magnetometers"

25 May 2021.- David Zueco (INMA-CSIC, Spain): "Quantum magnetism driven by light"

18 May 2021.- Alberto Cortijo (IFIMAC, UAM, Spain): "Non Hermitian Physics: What is it good for?"

11 May 2021.- Peter Rabl (TU Wien, Austria): "The vacua and thermal states of cavity QED"

04 May 2021.- Alejandro Bermudez (Universidad Complutense, Spain): "Dynamical mass generation and correlated topological matter"

27 Apr 2021.- Simone Montangero (Università di Padova, Italy): "Tensor network algorithms for high-dimensional simulations"

20 Apr 2021.- Otfried Gühne (Siegen University, Germany): "The Quantum Marginal Problem"

13 Apr 2021.- Igor Lesanovsky (ITP, Tübingen, Germany): "Neural network dynamics in open quantum many-body systems"

30 Mar 2021.- Tomas Ramos (IFF-CSIC, Spain): "Topological input-output theory for directional amplification"

23 Mar 2021.- Mikel Sanz (UPV/EHU, Spain): "Quantum algorithms in the NISQ era"

16 Mar 2021.- Tamás Kiss (Wigner Research C., Hungary): "Dynamical features of iterated nonlinear qubit protocols with measurement selection"

09 Mar 2021.- Rejish Nath (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune): "Ultracold Dipolar atoms"

02 Mar 2021.- Hannes Pichler (ITP UIBK & IQOQI, Austria): "Probing many-body physics with Rydberg atom arrays"

23 Feb 2021.- Roman Orus (DIPC & Ikerbasque, Spain): "News on quantum and q-inspired computing: simulating matter, portfolios, and elections"

16 Feb 2021.- Nicole Fabbri (INO-CNR & LENS, Florence, Italy): "Quantum science and applications with diamond NV centers"

09 Feb 2021.- Íñigo Liberal (UPNA, Spain): "Electrodynamics in the zero-index limit"

02 Feb 2021.- Federica Surace (SISSA, Italy): "Quantum simulation of real-time evolution in lattice gauge theories"

26 Jan 2021.- Jorge Casanova (UPV/EHU, Spain): "Diamond based quantum technologies"

19 Jan 2021.- Juan José García Ripoll (IFF-CSIC, Spain): "Quantum algorithms and quantum-inspired methods for numerical analysis problems"

12 Jan 2021.- Philipp Hauke (Trento Univ., Italy): "Quantum simulating lattice gauge theories – high-energy physics at ultra-cold temperatures"

15 Dec 2020.- Michele Modugno (Ikerbasque & UPV/EHU, Spain): "Simulating the Haldane model with ultracold atoms: different perspectives"

01 Dec 2020.- Matteo Rizzi (Universitaet zu Koeln, Germany): "Exploring Synthetic Quantum Matter with Tensor Networks"

24 Nov 2020.- Robert Trenyi (University of Vigo, Spain): "Enhancing the performance of quantum key distribution"

11 Nov 2020.- Miguel A. Cazalilla (DIPC & Ikerbasque, Spain): "Bloch electrons in metals and the Boltzmann transport equation"


10 Mar 2020.- Iñigo L. Egusquiza (UPV/EHU, Spain): "Lightning introduction to circuit quantization"

11 Feb 2020.- Enrique Rico (Ikerbasque & UPV/EHU, Spain): "Quantum Simulation of Lattice Gauge Models"