Palestine Young Academy

Palestine Young Academy was established in December 2019 as an initiative to stimulate ideas that connect Palestinian scientists as well as enhance the capabilities of the academic community and young academics in Palestine and abroad. It aims to strengthen the relationship between young academics and Palestinian decision-makers (policymakers) and between academics and the societies where Palestinians reside. The Academy aims to assist in developing solutions to challenging problems facing Palestinians at the national and international levels. The members of the academy are young researchers from prominent research institutions in the world. They show commitment to enhance the position of science in Palestine and among Palestinians. The members of the Academy enjoy a distinguished scientific position in their academic institutions in addition to multidisciplinary academic knowledge. Members are chosen based on academic excellence and community engagement for a four-year period. The number of members of the Academy is 30 members. The Young Academy was established by Palestinian young academics in Europe and Palestine. Palestine Young Academy works independently in a democratic way where an elected executive committee and a chair manage the activities and put forward plans for cooperation. The academy aspires to achieve a disciplined balance and proper representation of the Palestinian scientific community.


The mission of Palestine Young Academy is to provide a strong voice for young Palestinian researchers in Palestine and the diaspora and to be a bridge between that connects policy makers, researchers and the rest of Palestinians.


The vision of Palestine Young Academy is strengthening the Palestinian presence nationally, regionally, and internationally, along with participating in shaping and influencing the future of Palestine and the Palestinians through generating ideas, and enhancing the trust in science among the Palestinian researchers and scientists.


  • Provide a voice for young Palestinian researchers.

  • Empower young researchers to participate in decision-making in Palestinian institutions, and network with decision-makers in and outside Palestine.

  • Encourage communication of young Palestinian researchers with Arab and international institutions interested in science.

  • Encourage young researchers to engage in cross and multi-disciplinary research.

  • Enhance Palestinian resilience through science and technology.

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