PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains

Rayflex Group manufacture and supply of PVC strip curtains, rubber site safety products, and impact doors for both industrial and commercial use. Established in 1975, Rayflex will manufacture any bespoke strip curtain to suit any openings and doorways from small light-duty to heavy-duty industrial applications. We are the largest UK manufacturer and market leader in a range of PVC products, from our popular Made-to-Measure PVC Strip Curtains to our Rubber Impact Doors.


Rayflex Group manufacture made to measure PVC strip curtains and Rubber Impact Doors. Manufacturing cost-effective solutions to all businesses, Rayflex aim to assist with energy saving, temperature control, reduced noise levels, and improved health and safety with our PVC strip and rubber site safety products. If your business needs to maintain specific temperatures across different operational areas then our range of PVC products will suit almost any industry application, from maintaining ambient temperature to freezer grade PVC.


PVC and Rubber is traditionally used in a wide range of industrial applications. These industries include Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and Food & Drink where in recent years we have supplied bespoke doorkit systems for freezer and coldstore rooms, fruit ripening rooms and supermarkets. We have also supplied to private and domestic customers looking to achieve energy-saving, cost-effective solutions for public houses, shops, bakeries, and homes. Impact doors are used extensively where there is external heavy-duty traffic and PVC Strip curtains provide an alternative to impact doors with variable benefits.

Typical Applications of PVC Strip Curtains

  • Walk-in Fridge and Freezer Doors

  • Welding Bays and Booths

  • Loading Bay Doors and Covers

  • Internal Warehouse Dividers

  • Chiller Cabinet Covers

  • Datacenter Aisle Segregators

  • Flexible Clean Room and Coldroom applications

Typical Applications of Impact Doors

  • Manufacturing and Industrial heavy-duty 180-degree swing doors

  • Supermarket Doors

  • Restaurant Doors

  • Postal Service Doors

  • Retail Doors