Puppy Mills

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What is a puppy mill?

A facility that houses dogs and their puppies in an unsafe and inhumane manner. Normally puppy mills consist of dogs being bread too quickly between their litters, with stacked, unkempt, and over crowded cages. Dogs that come from puppy mills are prone to disease and behavioral problems this is due to the animals living space being unsanitary and not being socialized correctly. About ten thousand puppy mills are located throughout the United States.

Health Problems

Puppies and dogs that come from puppy mills normally have a long list of problems that adds to the price an owner already has paid for the puppy. Common illnesses are epilepsy, heart disease, kidney disease, musculoskeletal disorders, endocrine disorders, blood disorders, deafness, eye problems, respiratory problems, giardia, parvovirus, distemper, upper respiratory infections, kennel cough, pneumonia, mange, fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites, heartworm, and chronic diarrhea. These diseases often last for a long time and can even cause death.

EMotional Problems

In the first few months a puppy needs to be with its mother and littermates to form good emotional connections. Without this period puppies often become skittish, timid, and develop anxiety. The dogs from mills will often carry these emotional scars for their whole lives and day to day activities can be difficult.

Why Should You Adopt Instead of Buy?

Adopting is much cheaper than buying a dog or puppy. Adoption fees at the Franklin Animal Shelter range based on age. If you and your family are looking to adopt a puppy it is $295 versus prices as high as you would pay for when buying. Buying a puppy can range from $1,000 and up depending on the breed purchased. Adopting is better than buying because it shows that people are boycotting puppy mills and therefore not contributing to their profits. Puppy mills do breed purebred dogs and shelters don't typically have purebred puppies or adults. Although this is true shelters still offer wonderful mixed breed dogs who are in need of loving homes.

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