Pulin Agrawal

An engineer researcher gathering skills and knowledge to build human-like intelligence in machines!


Pulin Agrawal is an engineer turned researcher who wants to build human-like intelligence in machines. He has completed his doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, USA. His dissertation aims to present Sparse Representations as a robust representation tool. He also did his Bachelors in Technology in Computer Science from IP University, Delhi, India and Masters in Applied Computer Science, specializing in Cognitive Science, from the University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, USA .

He worked as a research consultant for Intelletic Corporation LLC, Naperville, IL, USA. He provided consulting on building predictive analytics model which led to a successful futures trading strategy. He has co-authored several papers on cortical computation, memory and self-system for cognitive architectures in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. More generally, his interests lie in understanding the process of cognition from a systems-level modelling perspective.

He enjoys coding in and teaching Python. He is passionate about motivated and active learning approach to teaching. When not involved with any of the above he loves to talk about biology, astrophysics, design, technology, Hindi, Spanish and Japanese.

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