Publico Ltd is a global provider of news, information and marketing solutions in the global military, defense and homeland security markets. Publico is a parent company of BulgarianMilitary, RankHacks and SIX45. The company also does advertising graphic design and media planning in print and electronic media around the world. Publico manages its own product channels on YouTube and Patreon.






Content & Coverage

What content can I use?

You can use all visual assets on the sites of Publico - graphics, videos and photos. At this time, all content on the Publico websites is free and no paid subscription is required.

What kind of stories are there on Public's sites? - unrivaled coverage of current news, analyzes and comments in the field of international military-political conflicts and the international defense industry. - unrivaled content in the field of modern technologies, standard of living and travel, comparison of all the best in the world. - RSS aggregator of news from around the world on all topics

Ethical Journalism

We seek truth and report it. Ethical journalism should be accurate and fair. Journalists should be honest and courageous in gathering, reporting, and interpreting information. Click here to read our Ethical Journalism Policy.

What is the Publico's Content in Patreon?

At this stage we use Patreon only for our site In our channel in Patreon you will find unique articles, in-depth journalistic investigations, product comparisons and a digital magazine. Our content in Patreon is not published on the page, but is prepared by our authors.

Free & Paid Subscription

We believe that the content on our sites should be free, at least for now. That's why we haven't built paid walls on our sites, but we use third-party services to fund part of the company's business - that related to news sites.

We have two subscription channels.

Revue is a free weekly subscription channel and is free. At this stage, it covers only the weekly newsletter of

Patreon is a paid version of content prepared by the authors of The monthly subscription is €3 and we publish content there that you cannot find in