District 31 PTO

 Welcome to the West Northfield School District 31 Parent Teacher Organization! 

About the PTO 

District 31 benefits from high parental support and involvement through the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The Parent Teacher Organization sponsors various programs to build a strong community and enhance education initiatives for District 31 students.

Parents volunteer in and out of the classrooms and provide a range of supplemental activities including family and community events, cultural arts assemblies, author presentations, art appreciation programs, room parties, teacher appreciation activities, graduation celebrations, and much more.  

The PTO relies on the generous support of the community. Please consider supporting the D31 PTO

Here is a link to the PTO Bylaws if you have additional questions about the PTO and its functioning. 

Meet the PTO Executive Board


Sakina Kadakia


Sheetal Rai


Sarah Goldman


Aaricka  LePelusa

Co-VP Communication

Saima Gowani/Euna Bae

Co-VP of Fundraising

Molly Frank/Laurel Shah

Co-VP of School Activities

Megan Kivarkis/ Jamjuree Reankit

Aaricka Crystal La Pelusa, 35, of Glenview, passed away on January 14, 2024. Aaricka served as the secretary of the PTO for the 2023–2024 school year. She is the loving mother of Jaydyn (kindergarten) and Henley (3rd grade), students at Winkelman Elementary School.

Aaricka, a cherished school community member and dedicated volunteer, has left an indelible mark on the District 31 Parents Teacher Organization (PTO).  Despite her health challenges, she was an active presence in her daughters' classrooms and served as a room parent and art enrichment volunteer. As we honor her memory, we celebrate her selfless contributions to enriching the lives of our students, parents, and faculty.