Here is where you can find links to all our social media channels and platforms. This is the best way to keep up to date with all things PTG. 

This is where you can find all information for all things PTG. Chat with the team and the community. This is the main place to find all our information and chat to us

Forum for all information regarding releases, competition information and more. 

Official PTG Twitter account. With 3000+ members, this is a great place to keep track of what we are up to! Come give us a follow :)

Official PTG Instagram account.

Offical PTG Facebook Group

The official PTG YouTube account. Multiple team members manage this account and we upload various PTG content ranging from Racing Leagues, competitons to tutorials etc.

Over the years, PTG has worked with various companies and have partnered up with some to provide discounted merch, goods and other cool stuff. Be sure to use any discunt codes shown to save yourself some money. 


Rogue Energy in our opinion is the best tasting Energy drink out there!

Use code PTG10 to get 10% discount when purchasing

MakeItStick provide custom and personalised stickers, clothing, lanyards and more. Makeitstick is run by owner PTG Coops and is the only official place to get your PTG stickers and apparel. (Apart from the Ninjersey top)

We have partnered up with Ninjersey to create an official PTG gaming Jersey.

We have partnered up with MobileAdvisor in the USA to help customers get great deals on their phone contracts.

We have worked closely with PFAFF Motorsports over the years and have helped get their real race car designs into the virtual motorsport world for everyone to see and use!