Virtual Video Groove Project

NOTE: Submissions for this project is currently closed.

Please view the completed project at And visit or email if you would like more information on PlayTheGroove, how to receive content, and to contribute ideas.

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Invitation to Horns, Woodwinds, and Rhythm-Based Players

Do you lead or play in a rhythm-based group like a jazz or horn band? No doubt you've seen a virtual music project in the vein of the recent What the World Needs Now virtual performance created by Shelbie Rasler, a Berklee College of Music senior now completing her course work remotely like so many others. This is called stepping up and putting your passion into action!

Here's how YOU can have this experience too.

PlayTheGroove is putting together a virtual performance video. It will belong to all of us. As we all have to stay at home, this is a great opportunity to create some fun and have a rewarding performing experience.

Aspiring Musicians - We Need Your Help

We are putting together a virtual jazz/horn group and want you to contribute. Regardless of the instrument we have a part for you. We'll provide the recording to play with and sheet music – or you can learn the tune by ear. Matching the recording is the goal. Lock down the groove regardless of your instrument.

This site lays out all the particulars. Please work through your teacher to practice, refine your part, and videotape it (smartphone is perfect), and send it to us.

Take a listen to Smooth Talkin'. Learn more, click here. It's easier than you think.

NOTE: to be a part of the video, we will require a signed release with the video submissions. If you are under 18 a parent/guardian needs to sign, if you're 18 or older you can sign yourself.

Foxboro music teachers, under the group name “Not Your Average Music Teacher,” perform a tongue-in-cheek video tribute to the Patriots

Teachers - We Need Your Help Too

This song is fully cleared - there are no © issues to be concerned with.

Do you have SECONDARY musicians (teenagers, grades 7-12) that need a challenge? Experience can vary from post-beginner to advanced. This may be unsupervised for them unless you can provide online interaction (which is preferred). We all want positive experiences. Coaching and setting deadlines will help. But it's OK to let them face the challenge and learn on their own, and with other classmates. Overall, this is very flexible and can blend informal and formal learning into non-formal learning—driven by students and teachers as ‘co-learners’ (Holley et al, 2019).

What instruments? Any and all... Smooth Talkin' is in C minor which is cool for horns but perhaps harder for strings and beginning guitar. But the tune IS repetitious - the "A" largely built on an ostinato. "B" is more lyrical.

While there are no lyrics, vocalists can participate. Ask them to sing like an instrumentalist and fake it till they make it. If range is an issue, it's OK to jump octaves as needed.

BTW - YOU TOO can do this! In fact, why not? Having teachers and their students in the same video will be cool. Whether vibes, trumpet, drums or tuba, lay down a part... step out of your comfort zone... feel what your students are feeling.

Learn more, click here.

Deadline is Thursday, April 30th!

Yes, the deadline is Thursday, April 30th. 5pm pst! (Students - learn about Pacific Standard Time (pst) time here).

Why 4/30/2020? We have to mix and edit this piece which will take a lot of work.

Start early. Plan two to three weeks to learn, practice-practice-practice, and then video yourself playing the tune the best you can. The goal is to emulate the recording so listen-listen-listen. Play along to it, a lot!

You need headsets to record - we will need just your part. Practice-record-listen, practice-record-listen.

Learn More and Get the Process Going!