Who We Are

We are an Indonesian private shipping company which established in the year of 2006 in Batam formerly, and then in the year of 2008 we move to Jakarta till present

We keep moving onward to restructure the improvement of our business which truly cares for the sake of customers' satisfaction. We do well realize that any failure and success stories may come to our business, but we just take it for our comprehensive learning by empowering them to educate us how to perform better business time by time consistently

We initiate formerly our shipping business just with two fleets of landing craft ship that consistently carry shipment for some kind of general cargo, heavy equipment and machinery "to" and "from" the Indonesian hinterland ports under the services of tramper basis to support our kind customers that have the similar business of construction, plantation, and mining

As such, we plan to gain our market's growth by developing a potential business model of One-Stop Shipping Logistics Services. We design it to integrate whole related items of our shipping and logistics operation that especially to be focused for Indonesian trading region with the combined delivery operation by sea and land transportation along with other supporting services which are related thereon

Refer to our perspective of good business growth, we are so sure they will come over the long term business relationship which can be constructed by putting the precious customers into their satisfaction zone properly. Therefore, we build our teamwork's mindset to be always fully aware of customers' objectives

What We Do

Basically, our business focuses to handle door-to-door shipments rolled by a combination of services between sea and inland transportation for the almost locations of inter-Indonesian ports and cities.

We are very keen to become a reliable partner of shipping and logistics in Indonesia. So, we set-up our networks at almost of major cities in Indonesia to support our integrated operation thus can make us enable to take full control of workflows of each process directly onto the existing project location, hence we can assure the whole process appropriate to our determined plans

We also duly care to support various kinds of social and environmental resolution programs as our contribution forms for social and environmental issues.

Why Us

  • Our integrated networks located at almost of Indonesian locations, so it makes us able to handle your delivery promptly

  • Our integrated business model provides one-stop services, so it makes us able to dedicate various services simply

  • Our integrated teamwork attend to the designated locations, so it makes us able to represent customers' interests properly

How We Work

  • Get precise to recognize what actually customers need us to do according to their unique requirements

  • Provide comprehensive due diligence for any potential risks and difficulties thus make contingency plans to resolve

  • Held intensive communication with support networks to design economic cost along with its fair terms and conditions

  • Submit detailed plans and do clear explanations in order to make customers recognize our plans properly

  • Complete the secured job-order pursue to the determined working plans accordingly

Our Vision

  • To be the best Provider of Shipping Logistics

  • To be the reliable Partners of Business Development

Our Mission

  • Keep better efforts for customers

  • Keep business growth for stakeholders

  • Keep qualified welfare for employees

  • Keep dynamic relationship for vendors

  • Keep extensive development for business

  • Keep good care for socials environment

Our Value

  • Secure is the pledge of our design to protect the benefits of the associated parties

  • Achieve is the pledge of our design to settle the results of the work progress

  • Fast is the pledge of our design to handle the critical items of the work process

  • Efficient is the pledge of our design to obtain the array of the operation model