Austrian Strudels

Tuesday, June 18th | 7:30 PM EST 


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Austrian Strudel

Born and raised in Austria guest Chef Katrin Bichler considers her addiction to pastries a birthright. She grew up with many variations of this dish and prepares it whenever she misses home. 

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Born and raised in Austria, Katrin Bichler considers her addiction to pastries a birthright. She grew up with many strudel variations and prepares them whenever she misses home. Katrin will share how, with a surprisingly simple technique, you can create many different strudels. She found a reliable source for filo dough in the coop; making your own dough is the final Austrian-grandma strudel boss level and, alas, not in scope for this class.

You’ll learn how to prepare a classic apple strudel with whipped cream —never forget the whipped cream — and Katrin’s favorite savory option, a spinach strudel with amaranth, mushrooms, and feta cheese. She’ll share ideas for other dessert and savory strudels to inspire you to get creative and come up with your own fillings.

Katrin is a designer focused on visual communication and information design. After graduating from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, she moved to New York in 2017 for “a year or two.” Thanks to the steady supply of delicious and affordable cheese from the coop, she is still thriving and surviving seven years later. A love for food and cooking runs in her family, straight from her grandmother, who knew how to make strudel dough by hand.

You can find Kat on Instagram @kat.bichler the web

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