THURSDAY, September 14TH AT 7:30 PM Eastern
Open to Members and Non-members

Chili Crisp
Chefs Antonio Iannarone and Sophia Li

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Chili crisp has emerged as a popular condiment in the last few decades. This class will teach chili crisp basics and offer possible tweaks depending on personal flavor preferences. Our chefs will show us how to prepare a large or small amount of chili crisp, perfect for gifts or unfettered everyday consumption. If you’ve never had chili crisp, this is a great introduction! The class will include several examples of how to use chili crisp in recipes such as a cucumber salad, eggs, and other quick dishes. 

Chefs Antonio Iannarone and Sophia Li will show us how to prepare this spicy, versatile condiment on an outdoor wok and will demonstrate several ways of using chili crisp. Our virtual sessions are free and open to members and non-members.

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