Protonmail Login Problems : Proton Mail

ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted emailing platform founded just 8 years ago. It consists of over 10 million users and this data is increasing continuously day by day and it has been one of the widely used webmail services. To access the ProtonMail services you will need to register for an account on it. This process is easy and simple and it will take only a few minutes to complete. Once, you will finish your ProtonMail account setup then you can use your ProtonMail login credentials to start sending and receiving emails over the ProtonMail app/website. So, with no further delay let’s head to the steps to create a new account for ProtonMail Login. "covid-19"

Steps to Create a New ProtonMail Account

To create a new ProtonMail account, you will need to fill in a form in which you will have to provide details like name, number, email, and date of birth. Follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Using your device ( mobile or laptop) visit to ProtonMail login page

  2. Or head to the App/Play store then download and install the ProtonMail app on your mobile phone

  3. Now, on the ProtonMail login page, look for the “Create an account” option

  4. And click on it to open the account creation form

  5. Now, fill in the form by entering your details such as name, number, date of birth

  6. On the same page, you will need to create a username for your account

  7. Choose a personalized username for your account

  8. Then, set a password for your account ( avoid using alike characters included in username)

  9. Then, you have to verify your mobile number or alternate email address

  10. Go ahead to verify it by requesting a verification code on your device

  11. Once you will complete the verification process then your account will be ready to use

  12. Finally, your ProtonMail account has been created successfully

Note: Memorize your ProtonMail username and password carefully as it will require use during the ProtonMail sign in process.

ProtonMail Login Steps

There are easy and simple steps for Proton login. Go through all of them to finish the ProtonMail online login process.

  1. Using your device, visit login

  2. On the login page, you will have to enter your login credentials

  3. Enter your user ID and password then click on the “Login” button

  4. Finally, you will be logged in to your ProtonMail account successfully.

How to Reset Password for your ProtonMail Account?

Unfortunately! If you have forgotten your ProtonMail password then you will need to reset your password. To do that, go through the steps mentioned below:

  1. Using your device visit to login

  2. Try logging in ProtonMail account by using your old username and password

  3. If you get a prompt of incorrect password on your screen then go with the next steps

  4. On the same page, look for the “Forgot Password” option then click on it

  5. You will be asked to enter the username of the account for which you want to recover the password

  6. Then, you may be asked to enter your last password (skip, if not remembered)

  7. Choose a method to verify your account: mobile number or alternate email address

  8. Request to get a code by confirming details of your mobile number or alternate email address

  9. Then, check the inbox of your mobile phone/ Mail app and copy the verification code

  10. Now, paste the copied code to complete the verification

  11. After completing the verification, you will be taken on the reset password page

  12. Set a password including special characters then confirm it

  13. Finally, your ProtonMail account password will be recovered successfully

Note: Head to the login page once after recovering the password for your ProtonMail account. ProtonMail also offers services like Proton VPN, ProtonVPN, and ProtonVPN free. You can get access to these services after completing the ProtonMail login steps. "covid-19"


In short, ProtonMail is an emailing platform that is available free for all of you. ProtonMail login is such a method that allows you to get started with ProtonMail login services but before that, you will need to register at ProtonMail. In this article, we have stated the complete ProtonMail login steps that will help you to access ProtonMail services and features quickly. To know more about ProtonMail visit its official website. Create a ProtonMail account for absolutely free and follow the steps for ProtonMail login to get started with ProtonMail and enjoy the end-end encryption feature.